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Commercial department

Food Machines employs a team of experienced and skilled sales staff to help you to choose the best technical and technological solutions.

After receiving an enquiry, our dealer visits your company in order to assess your needs and technical requirements. With this knowledge, our dealer chooses the best device for you and presents our offer.

Maintaining contact at all times allows us to react immediately to any unexpectedly arisen needs.
Our company also offers help in financing the investment (through leasing companies), provides spare parts and offers the help of the service centre.

The consistent work of many years, leading to our development, emphasises our company’s image as that of a stable and reliable partner.  The ever-growing list of satisfied clients serves as the best possible confirmation of our efficiency.



Should you be interested in any ot our offers, please feel free to contact our commercial division: 

e-mail: info@foodmachines.pl

Tomasz Karaszewski

mobile: +48 602 767 694  
Ryszard Rudnik
mobile: +48 602 348 027 
Dorota Bukowska
mobile: +48 604 130 633
Paweł Kędzierski
mobile: +48 696 415 233
Sylwia Tomaszewska
mobile: +48 600 482 737


Tomasz Żarłok
mobile: +48 660 978 806